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  • A photo of a furnace with an American Standard logo on it with an uncased furnace in the back.

    Navigating Furnace Woes with Eco Temp HVAC: The Essential Guide to Furnace Flame Sensors

    Unlock the secrets of your heating system with Eco Temp HVAC’s enlightening guide to understanding furnace flame sensors. Navigate through the subtleties of its crucial role, discern telltale signs of malfunctions, and arm yourself with preventative knowledge to assure a cozy, risk-free winter. Whether you're dealing with unexpected utility bill spikes, enigmatic yellow flames, or facing the realities of an aging furnace, our comprehensive guide illuminates the pathway to resolving furnace woes and sustaining undisturbed warmth in your home. Let’s unravel the mysteries of furnace flame sensors together, ensuring your hearth remains a beacon of comfort and safety all winter long.

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  • A woman holding a couch cushion inside her house while wearing warm clothes sitting on the couch.

    6 Reasons Your Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air and How To Fix It

    Is your furnace unexpectedly blowing cold air, leaving you shivering indoors? Dive into our latest post that breaks down the top 6 culprits behind this common issue, along with easy-to-follow fixes. Whether it’s a grimy flame detector or a simple thermostat mix-up, we've got you covered with insights and solutions. Don't miss out on these valuable heating tips!

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  • A leaking AC pipe

    My Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water Why Its Leaking and What to Do

    When an unexpected leak arises, safeguarding your home becomes paramount. The repercussions of unchecked water leaks extend from damaging property interiors to devaluing furnishings. Addressing the situation swiftly, especially with A/C leaks, prevents potential costly repairs.

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  • Air conditioners on a rooftop with a technician. Text saying American Standard Silver 14 vs 16 pros and cons.

    American Standard Silver 14 vs Silver 16: A Detailed Comparison

    When it comes to air conditioning systems, American Standard stands out as one of the leading brands in the market. Two popular models from this brand are the Silver 14 and the Silver 16. Both units promise reliability and efficiency, but how do they stack up against each other? Let’s explore the pros and cons of each system to determine the most economical and affordable choice.

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  • Mitsubishi Heat Pumps: A Game-Changer for Four-Season Comfort in Chicago by Eco Temp HVAC

    As an industry leader in HVAC solutions, Eco Temp HVAC is excited to share insights on Mitsubishi Heat Pumps, a remarkable innovation that’s transforming the way Chicago homeowners experience comfort in every season.

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  • An air conditioner outside of a home.

    Maximize Air Conditioner Efficiency This Summer: Top 5 Tips

    As Chicago temperatures rise during the summer months, it’s essential to ensure your air conditioner is in optimal condition to keep your home cool and comfortable. Here are five expert tips for maintaining your air conditioning system at peak efficiency, helping you save energy, and reduce your utility bills.

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  • The Benefits of Smart Thermostats for Your Home’s Heating and Cooling Systems

    Smart thermostats can be programmed to adjust the temperature at certain times of the day, like when you’re asleep or away from home. This helps save energy by keeping your house at a comfortable temperature when no one is there to enjoy it.

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  • 5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Energy Efficient All Year

    As a homeowner, you know how important it is to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient all year round. One of the key components to maintaining a comfortable home is a properly functioning HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. Unfortunately, HVAC issues can arise at any time, leading to discomfort and costly repairs.

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  • Top 4 Most Common Residential HVAC Issues

    If you’re a homeowner, then you know that there’s always something that needs to be fixed or upgraded around the house. And if you’re like most people, your HVAC system probably ranks pretty high up on the list of things you need to take care of. Luckily, though, most HVAC issues are pretty common and can be easily fixed if you know what to look for. So if you’re curious about what some of the most common residential HVAC issues are and how to solve them, read on!

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