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AC Service

When the temperature outside soars during the hot summer months in the Chicagoland area, you need your AC system to kick into high gear and keep you comfortable. Whenever you need them, the AC repair technicians at Eco Temp HVAC will be there to provide you with timely and high-quality services. You can rely on us for all your AC needs because of our highly skilled technicians, cutting-edge equipment, and affordable prices.

Signs You Need Emergency AC Repair in Chicago

Some AC issues are inconvenient but can be fixed during regular business hours. Others are more pressing and require immediate attention. Here are the most typical issues that need emergency AC repair from Chicagoland’s best HVAC company, Eco Temp HVAC:

The air conditioner isn’t working:

Before calling Eco Temp HVAC:

  1. Check whether or not your AC unit is receiving power.
  2. Check for tripped circuit breakers and make sure the outside condensing unit is plugged in.
  3. Turn the thermostat to “cool” and watch what happens.

If this does not work, contact our emergency AC repair professionals to get your AC system in good working order.

The AC is turned on, yet the air feels lukewarm:

Set the thermostat to “auto” and turn down the heat. Wait for your AC system to turn on; if the air exiting the supply registers still feels warm, contact our AC repair service.

The air conditioner turns off too soon: This could indicate that the equipment is overheating, preventing it from completing a full cycle before the failsafe kicks in and turns off the AC.

The AC has an unusual odor or sound:

These symptoms, ranging from unpleasant or musty scents to grating or screeching sounds, indicate something is wrong. Turn off your air conditioner and give us a call immediately!

Man diagnosing an AC unit to find out why it is not working properly.

Chicago Air Conditioning Repair Services

When it comes to AC repair, don’t trust a company that doesn’t specialize in HVAC. At Eco Temp HVAC, we’re proud to be Chicagoland’s premiere HVAC systems specialists. You deserve quick, hassle-free service from highly trained technicians who will take care of your problem quickly. Our team is here for you!

Have you been noticing your AC isn’t as cool or chilly? It could be time for an upgrade! Call Eco Temp HVAC, and we will get that system running like new again. You can rest easy knowing that our technicians are the best in their field. They will assess, diagnose, and locate any problems with your cooling system so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

AC repair from a top-rated HVAC company

When it comes to AC repair, you should work with a company that has an outstanding reputation for providing service that will solve your problems once and for all. That’s what you get from Eco Temp HVAC, Chicagoland’s most trusted HVAC service contractor, offering AC repair solutions.

Our AC repair services cover the whole range of household needs, regardless of your unit make or model, and we provide the following:

  • Emergency Service: Our staff is available 24/7, day or night, and we respond immediately to take care of your problem when you need us.
  • Timely Repair Options: In addition to emergency AC repair, we offer same-day appointments and quick solutions to reduce your system’s downtime.
  • Guaranteed Quality: Eco Temp HVAC offers a Lifetime Repair Guarantee on all service work.
  • Experienced Technicians: Every Eco Temp HVAC technician is certified, licensed, and highly trained to ensure you get the best service in the Chicagoland area.

Repairs, tune-ups, installations, and more

For award-winning HVAC services, Schedule Your Chicagoland AC Repair Service With Us Today!

Eco Temp HVAC vans outside of a high school while the technicians are inside repairing their AC units.

AC repair

We provide AC repair for all makes and models in Chicagoland, 24/7, day or night. Our NATE-certified professionals will do their very best to bring life back into your AC unit.

AC maintenance

Your air conditioner will work more efficiently this summer and be significantly less likely to break down with a professional tune-up. Schedule your seasonal air conditioning tune-up to have our technicians evaluate your system.

AC installation

Do you need a new cooling system before the summer? We can assist you. Our company is an American Standard Factory-Authorized Dealer, and we install high-efficiency air conditioners.

The cost of repairing an old air conditioner is often more than what it would take to buy a new one. You might save yourself some grief and money in the long run by purchasing something newer, which has many advantages, including increased comfort with better energy efficiency! Our AC pros are here to help you pick the perfect AC for your home and your wallet.

Cooling systems are vital for any home, but choosing the right company can help you achieve temperature uniformity and lower electric bills. Our expert AC installation services have you covered every step of the way.

Is your home getting warm? Please contact us. We provide quick and reliable AC repair in Chicagoland.

We provide emergency support 24/7, day or night.

At Eco Temp HVAC, we believe in doing the right thing for our customers. As a result, we back all of our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Besides, we don’t charge extra for service at night or on weekends when you sign up for our Eco Max Program. Collaborate with a team that is committed to treating you like royalty. If you’re experiencing AC troubles, contact us right away for Chicagoland AC repair.

Available 24/7, day or night. With no extra fees.

Contact us for a straightforward AC repair done in a few easy steps!

Available 24/7, day or night

If your air conditioner stops working or isn’t performing properly, contact us for 24-hour service in Chicagoland. We’ll dispatch a technician to perform an AC repair as soon as possible.

We’ll call when we’re on our way

As a courtesy, we’ll give you a call when we’re about 10-15 minutes away. Our technicians at Eco Temp HVAC always travel in official service vans and wear official Eco Temp HVAC uniforms. You will also get a text notification with our technicians photograph and location when he is near your home.

We begin with problem diagnosis

Once our technicians have introduced themselves and asked about the problem, they will further examine the AC to find the source of the malfunction. Once the AC diagnosis is complete, they will be able to provide you with an accurate and upfront estimate for its repair.

Our technicians will give you a no-hassle upfront estimate

Once we’ve determined what’s wrong with your AC system, we’ll discuss the situation with you and talk about available options. We’ll also give you an upfront estimate.

We’ll perform the necessary AC repair

With your approval, our experts will begin the AC repair. They are equipped and trained to fix all AC makes and models. Eco Temp HVAC can also repair ductless systems.

We’ll cool down your home again

Before our technician leaves your home, we’ll go over a diagnostic checklist to confirm that your AC is working properly and cooling your home.

Chicagoland’s most reliable AC repair service

At Eco Temp HVAC, we’re known for providing exceptional AC services in Chicagoland, including 24-hour AC repair! Thousands of local households have relied on Eco Temp HVAC for all of their heating and cooling needs for nearly a decade now.

When your AC fails, contact us for repairs. Our devoted and skilled technicians are standing by to assist you!

Eco Temp HVAC is here to make sure you have the cool and comfortable living environment that you deserve – in its capacity as a leading provider of top-rated air conditioners and professional servicing. Call us now to learn more about what we offer, or fill out our quick online form to get more information!

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Customer Testimonials

You're Why We Do What We Do!

We're proud to say that our reputation for quality work and friendly service has allowed us to grow from a small, family operation into one of the most trusted Chicago HVAC companies. And you're the reason why we do it!

Linda G.

Eco Temp HVAC and it's owners Jordan & Kyle are tradesmen of the highest quality: honest, knowledgeable, and professional (and fairly priced). They installed a new furnace & A/C after our old ones became problematic. All of the workers were hard working and treated us respectfully during the installation. Can't give them enough plaudits, and I recommend their services without reservations.

Ronald R.

These guys are great! Kyle and Jordan came by and gave me an estimate. I approved it on the spot and they came back to my house in Chicago in Logan Square and installed my new Mitsubishi mini split system in one day! They were clean and courteous to the max. They wore booties and hid all the lines they installed. It's so nice to be able to make it nice and cold when I go to bed. Very happy with everything! Thank you eco temp hvac!

Naomi W.

Great experience with Eco Temp. Jordan arrived and did a thorough inspection of my problem and provided a very reasonable quote. Eco Temp was incredibly efficient and completed their work days sooner than I had anticipated. I'll definitely recommend Eco Temp to anybody looking for HVAC work!

Dean A.

These guys are great! Kyle and Jordan came by and gave me an estimate. I approved it on the spot and they came back to my house in Chicago in Logan Square and installed my new Mitsubishi mini split system in one day! They were clean and courteous to the max. They wore booties and hid all the lines they installed. It's so nice to be able to make it nice and cold when I go to bed. Very happy with everything! Thank you eco temp hvac!

Jennifer K.

Eco Temp HVAC came out for an estimate. Gave me the best recommendation for the project. Came quickly and finished the job. His prices beat every other company by far and his professionalism is superb. For any HVAC work needed, start with Eco Temp HVAC.

Jamie P.

Great experience with Eco Temp HVAC. Chris arrived and did a thorough inspection of my problem and provided a very reasonable quote. Eco Temp HVAC was incredibly efficient and completed their work days sooner than I had anticipated. I'll definitely recommend Eco Temp to anybody looking for HVAC work!

Miley M.

Eco Temp HVAC have been responsive and timely when contacted. The Technicians are always knowledgeable and explain in detail what the issue and the corresponding resolution.
Eco Temp HVAC
Eco Temp HVAC
81 Google reviews
November 27, 2022.
They were on time and very respectful and very professional I really appreciate you All team members well done...
Trenze Wrinkle
Trenze Wrinkle
November 27, 2022.
Great job. Well done 👍👌👌👌👌
Daniyal Widmear
Daniyal Widmear
November 27, 2022.
I really like their service and very cooperative staff. Highly recommend 👌 Thanks again for your patience. 👍👍👍
Calvin Triverr
Calvin Triverr
November 27, 2022.
Good job 👍
Whiteker Robert
Whiteker Robert
November 24, 2022.
I bought this heater for my mom, who is in her 80s. We were worried about her being cold in the winter, so we decided to get her a heating pad. She loves it! She said that it's warmer than any other heater she's used before and that it's very easy to use.
Fareed Mehmood
Fareed Mehmood
November 24, 2022.
I have a lot of experience with HVAC systems, but I needed help with my new one. Eco Temp was able to come out and diagnose the problem, and replaced my unit for me at no charge. They were extremely prompt and friendly throughout the whole process, and I'm so happy to have them take care of my family's comfort in our home!
Breatny Jim
Breatny Jim
November 23, 2022.
I have been using the Eco Temp HVAC unit for a few months now and I am very impressed with its performance. It is easy to use and very quiet. It has saved me money on my energy bill and it does not have many moving parts which makes it more reliable than other models.
Harmony Carolina
Harmony Carolina
November 23, 2022.
I have been using Eco Temp HVAC for the past 3 years. They are very reliable and do a great job. I would recommend them to anyone looking to install an HVAC system!
Dorian Lind
Dorian Lind
November 23, 2022.
Had a full system replacement at our air bnb house in Lincoln Park. Service was prompt and excellent. Customer service was outstanding. We are very pleased with the service and price that we have received. It's nice to know that Eco Temp HVAC will be there for us when needed. Thank you!
Richard Jim
Richard Jim
November 22, 2022.
I've been using Eco Temp HVAC for a few years now and it's turned our office into a haven of productivity. The app is intuitive, easy to use, and doesn't require much maintenance beyond downloading new updates. It's just so nice not having to worry about keeping up with a computer at work!

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You will get contractors who have been thoroughly vetted and drug tested for your safety and that of your family, home, and employees. Unlike other companies, we demand random testing and checks on everyone who enters your home, company, or property.

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You will be referred to a local company that has no association with us and has passed the most stringent quality tests and regulations that only around 2% of all HVAC providers can meet. For your protection, we perform all pre-qualifications and inspections like no other business.

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