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MSZ-EF Designer Heat Pumps American Standard

MSZ-EF Designer Heat Pumps

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Product features

You may relax knowing that your ductless system is both energy efficient and long-lasting. The wall-mounted MSZ-EF Designer Series units combine the highest aesthetic requirements with cutting-edge cooling and heating technologies. They are available in four capacities and are suitable for practically any size space. The three model colors available and the streamlined form allow for seamless integration into interior architecture and décor. Because of their whisper-quiet operation, the units can be employed in noise-sensitive residential and commercial settings. Finally, the environment can breathe.

Zones – Single
Location – Indoor

Whisper-quiet operation
The MSZ-EF Designer Heat Pumps are put directly into rooms in your home, but their whisper-quiet functioning means you scarcely notice they're on. These devices are easily applicable in noise-sensitive residential and commercial settings.
Improved indoor air quality
This ductless system has washable anti-allergen filters to assist enhance the indoor air quality of your home. Filters aid in the capture of dust, germs, and other particles floating in the air we breathe.
Hyper-heating inverter® heat pump technology
This ductless system will keep you warm on cold days. These systems may deliver warmth in harsh temperatures as low as -13°F thanks to hyper-heating inverter® heat pump technology.
Easy to install
Ductless systems are put directly in the room or space they are designed to heat or cool, making installation a breeze. Due to the lack of ducts, vents, and other components, ductless systems can often be installed quickly and without disrupting your living environment by an HVAC specialist.
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11-3/4" x 34-13/16" x 7-11/16"
Shipping Weight


11-3/4" x 34-13/16" x 7-11/16"
Shipping Weight


11-3/4" x 34-13/16" x 7-11/16"
Shipping Weight


11-3/4" x 34-13/16" x 7-11/16"
Shipping Weight

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