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Gold 15 Hybrid Comfort System American Standard

Gold 15 Hybrid Comfort System

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Up to 81%
Heating Stages
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Product features

With this hybrid system, you may enjoy higher-quality heating and cooling in your house.

SEER2 – Up to 15
HSPF2 – Up to 7.45
Cooling Stages – Two
Energy Savings – Up to 38%

Reliable performance
The Duration™ compressor has been rigorously tested to ensure effective and long-lasting durability, allowing you to get the most out of your packaged heating and cooling system.
Better indoor air quality
This packaged unit system is compatible with the American Standard AccuClean® Air Cleaner (horizontal applications only), which can help to improve the quality of the air in your home. This air cleaner aids in the removal of allergies, bacteria, and some viruses from the air you breathe at home.
Noiseless performance
As one of the quietest packed units on the market, you can rely on this system to provide the temperature control you require while remaining so quiet that you may not even notice your system is turned on.
Improved humidity control
With precise humidity control features, this packed system aids in the removal of undesirable humidity from your home's air. Indoor humidity levels that are unregulated can cause difficulties for both your health and your property, which is why this system works to maintain ideal humidity levels.
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43" x 38" x 51"
Shipping Weight


46" x 42" x 61"
Shipping Weight


46" x 42" x 61"
Shipping Weight


46" x 42" x 61"
Shipping Weight

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